Hand forged steel ninja throwing spikes

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3 beautiful hand forged ninja throwing spikes! Would make a perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas or just because you want to start a new fun hobby! These are randomly designed, if you want a specific from in the picture let me know or else it will be random, you will not get two of the same. The protective storage case is made from a solid piece of poplar wood, with brass pins and coated with boiled linseed oil. I test every single spike I make, they are ready for target practice! There are 3 sizes. These are all easy to learn and use but I would say the small ones are more difficult than the larger ones to use. Simply because you need to throw just a bit harder.


These are specifically made for sport to be thrown at a piece of wood or foam. There are different variations be sure to look carefully when ordering. Large refers to the longer spikes, Normal refers to the middle length spikes and Mini refers to the shorter spikes. These are made from mild steel, they are really tough and the body of the spike will not break or bend if hitting a hard surface but if you throw the tip against something hard (concrete, stones, steel, etc.) it could bend the tips since they are pointed. I recommend throwing against wood end grain or foam outdoors with a soft landing below the target.

Handmade from only quality supplies. Each and everything I make, I put my time and passion into it. Thank you and God Bless.

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